mediocre life

im sarah and i like food.

i dont like english weather.

im 18 in like 3 days arghjk,gdfhjsfa how do i cope

all i need is a job goddamn is it so hard. all i want to do is sell stuff or make stuff or tidy up and get paid for it i dont even care if its minimum wage.

everything has improved an awful lot since the last time i was on here, i celebrated one of my best friend’s 18th, sorted out my birthday and everything seems to be looking up :) my family are getting along alright, ive caught up with some old friends and the weather is beautiful. this summer is turning out to be excellent.

everything and anything is stressing me out and making me anxious, jesus christ. im too tired.

so i have a job interview for a little cafe called Ruby’s in an hour, excellent! really hope i get this, its the only place that’s called me back. my fist paycheque would be spent on taking tom for a meal, its about time i treated him.

i have developed a huge obsession with marie antoinette’s life and death help

literally every problem i have would be made at least 87% better if i had some form of income

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